Black Truffle Wild Mushroom Brie!!!

Black Truffle Wild Mushroom Brie

paired with Blue Pearl Farms

Wild Harvest Honey.

Both available on our website curbside pick up, place your orders now curbside pick up on Wednesday, or were in the shop on Monday too come and get it

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from our Cheesehouse to your house.

Wishing all a happy & healthy New Year to come‼️

Calling ALL locals come out to the market today!

The Mount Pleasant Farmers Market will be open with many of us vendors in attendance.

Hope to see you there!!

Back to School - Get some Farm Fresh Cheese Curds into the lunchbox

Join us this week at the farmers markets and happenings!


FreshFields Village Farmers Market on Kiawah: from 4:00 - 8pm



Mount Pleasant Farmers Market: from 3:30 – 7pm

Location: We are right in front and center under the pavilion


Bluffton Farmers Market: 2- 7pm



Charleston Farmers Market:  from 8 – 2pm

Johns Island Home Grown Farmers Market: from 9 - 1 pm

Summerville Farmers Market: from 8 – 1pm

Forsyth Farmers Market: from 9 – 1pm

Columbia “Soda City” Farmers Market: from 9 – 1 pm

Port Royal Farmers Market: from 9 – 12 pm



Sunday Brunch Farmers Market: from 11 - 3 pm


National Cheese Curd Day

Tasting Table

Curds The Word Posted July 1st.

What are Cheese Curds, this is a very common question asked to us at the farmers markets.  Tasting Table did a great job in just a few words.


They’re a critical part of the cheese-making process. Here’s how it works:

① To make cheese, you strain curds, or cheese solids, from whey, the liquid by-product.

② Next, the curds harden and age into the blocks with which you’re familiar.

③ But before cheese fully sets, you can eat the curds, which are wonderful, little gems all their own.



Eat it and Like it with Jesse Blanco - Cheese Please

Jesse Blanco - Eat it and Like it

It was an absolute honor to have Jesse Blanco join us at the cheesehouse last week!  He did a great job capturing our work.

The show aired on Sunday morning in on NBC in Savannah and can be viewed on YouTube.

CLICK HERE: Eat it and Like it with Jesse Blanco - Cheese Please