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Charleston Artisan Cheesehouse
Is a true artisan cheese producer: our products are hand poured cultured, mixed, molded, salted, aged & wrapped all by hand.
Our line of wholesome cheeses are meant to inspire the visceral joy of mindfully eating local, healthy, and artisanally produced foods. Our young fresh cheeses using the low temperature pasteurized use cultures that imitate the much-sought-after taste of the “natural fermentation” or “raw milk/thermalized” method of making aged dairy products.
Our cheeses are all crafted and aged on location here in Charleston, SC.


About our milk:
Hickory Hill Milk.
The low temperature pasteurized milk we use is from Hickory Hill Milk.
Watson Dorn and family have owned and operated farms on the same land for over 20 generations. Their cows graze freely on pasture 18 hours a day, exceeding even most organic dairies’ grazing times, and Hickory Hill never adds antibiotics to feed or gives hormones to their animals. To paraphrase their website: "Our milk is referred to as an old fashioned, cream line milk. Homogenization and standardization change the milk's molecular structure, which can be unhealthy, so we don’t homogenize or standardize. Also, we use the lowest-temp pasteurization to ensure our milk maintains the majority of its healthful enzymes, which are crucial for proper digestion".  All technical information aside, “This milk is the best I've ever tasted in my life!” has been heard many times.


Green Grocer:

The raw whole milk we use is from from Green Grocer
Raw whole milk from old-fashioned Jersey cows on pasture
Green Grocer specializes in the highest quality fresh products. They believe the health of our bodies is dependent on the health of the soil. Balanced, healthy, living soil is the key to it all. Beautiful green pastures lead to beautiful healthy animals and crops which lead to beautiful healthy people.
Celeste and George Albers own Sea Island Jerseys. They produce raw milk from their Jersey cows at their farm on Wadmalaw Island.


To contact:

Tel: 843 608 9118