Burnt & Salty - Chili Glaze, 12 oz

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Burnt & Salty

Chili Glaze


Thai-style, spicy.  The Chili Glaze is loaded with Thai chilis, garlic, cilantro, and chives.  It is spicy, all natural, vegan, gluten-free.  Use as a dip for eggrolls and lumpia, spice up your pancit, or anywhere you want garlicky, spicy goodness!

Other serving suggestions for Chili Glaze-  glaze salmon when it is done cooking- wrap firm tofu in phyllo dough, pan fry, sauce with Chili Glaze when out of the pan- grill or fry chicken wingsand toss in Chili Glaze to lightly coat- drizzle over stir fry veggies and rice- make lettuce wraps with shrimp, beef, chicken or tofu and sauce with Chili Glaze- pour Chili Glaze into a small dish and dip your pizza into it- steam edamame and toss with Chili Glaze for a spicy, vegan treat!