Hickory Hill Milk

Hickory Hill Milk

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Quoted from Hickory Hill Milk

"Hickory Hill Milk is fresh, local milk collected on our farm twice a day and bottled on-site five days a week. Our milk is all-natural, old-fashioned whole milk. It’s guaranteed to be rBGH (hormone) and antibiotic free. We process our milk as little as allowable for flavor, nutrients, and freshness. Hickory Hill Milk is low-temp pasteurized, meaning it is heated to 145-degrees and held there for 30 minutes then cooled as quickly as possible. This gives our milk the smooth, sweet taste of yesteryear and preserves the naturally occurring enzymes that help your body easily digest it. Granted, this process takes more effort, but we don’t mind. The great taste is worth every minute. Hickory Hill Milk is also non-homogenized, a rare find these days and return to nostalgia when a thick layer of cream rose to the top of each bottle"

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